Beautifully written.. A condom for the heart..

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I remember many years ago, reading an article about condoms. There was a big debate at the time as to whether condoms would slow down the sexual revolution and really make sex safer.
There was a quote from a Catholic priest which I’ll never forget. He said, “I’ll believe in condoms when they come up with a condom for the heart.”
We live in time when condoms are thrown out into the crowd, telling you if you’re going to have sex you simply have to protect yourself. But I have yet to find a condom for the heart. When I
say heart, I’m talking about you…your deepest emotions, the way you look at your self, and how you feel about the one you love. I have talked to hundreds of people who cannot
erase the regret and pain that has been brought on by having sex with their boyfriend, girlfriend…

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