Where Breaking Bad Season 4 is taking me!

So I started this blog several years, hoping to write regularly but nothing could make me get started until I started watching Breaking Bad and my mind ended up with more than it could keep to itself, hence I got forced to kick start my blog finally.

I ended season 3 just few days ago, and I was full of hatred for Jesse Pinkan. This hatred was further fuelled by the end of season 4 when I could see Jesse closely working with Gustavo and Mike, giving them his loyalty and repeatedly kicking away Walter White.

I finished the last episode of season 4 just few hours ago and I’m mixed with various emotions. The last two episodes of this season got me all teary eyed as I could see Walter White breaking down for the first time. It is worth noticing that even learning the news of Cancer did not break him, but the thought of danger to his family has completely shook him. It shows how much he values his family and how he solely lives to keep them safe. The plot developments in the last 2 episodes of Season 4 literally broke my heart and I could do nothing but keep on feeling sorry for Walter White and hating Jesse Pinkman for his ignorance.

This is what Vince Gilligan does to us so well. Just when things are going incredibly wrong and there is no hope at all about getting things right, suddenly everything changes and things become alright, just like in the last episode of this season. So, it is 6 AM and I just wanted to pen down my thoughts about this.

Unfortunately, a friend of mine ruined my fun by telling me that Walter White dies in the last season. I just pray that this isn’t the climax or this be false, for god’s sake! Because I’m loving this series so much, and I love Walter White even though some may argue that some of his actions are wrong, but all he is doing is for his family(Again, I know this is not a valid excuse for killing innocent people).

I just can’t wait to complete the last season. For now, I hit Youtube and started listing to the soundtracks that were featured in the series. One of my favorites you can find here:

Coupled with this I had some lyrics of the track I was going through.

Screenshot (1785)

Sigh.. The end of this series is around the corner.. Wish I could watch Breaking Bad once again for the “FIRST TIME”……… sigh……

“I am the one who knocks.”